Cloud4Events Seller Performance policy

Cloud4Events Seller Performance policy

We always want to make sure buyers have a great experience on Cloud4Events. To help ensure this, we’ve put in place performance standards for sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Cloud4Events’s performance evaluation period?

We evaluate your performance every month. The length of time we look at in each evaluation depends on how many recent transactions you’ve had. If you’ve had 400 or more transactions in the last three months, you’re evaluated over that three-month period. If you’ve had fewer than 400 transactions in the last three months, you’re evaluated on the past 12 months. These timelines help us make sure we’re evaluating you as fairly as possible.

What happens if I don’t meet minimum standards?

If you’re not meeting our minimum performance standards, we may place buying and selling restrictions on your account. There are other consequences listed in our full policy below.

We want you to be a high performing seller so please read this Seller Performance Policy carefully for pointers on how to excel.

As a seller, you’re expected to:

  • Promptly resolve customer issues
  • Post items on time, within your specified dispatch time
  • Manage inventory and keep items well stocked
  • Charge reasonable P&P costs
  • Specify P&P costs and dispatch time in the listing
  • Follow through on your return policy
  • Respond to buyers’ questions promptly
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction.
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing

For more information on meeting buyers’ expectations, see our selling practices policy. 

Keep in mind, too, that if you don’t meet buyers’ expectations, it can lead to:

  • Not meeting the late delivery rate requirements
  • Exceeding minimum requirements for defect rate
  • A bad experience for you and the buyer
  • Low detailed seller ratings
  • Negative or neutral Feedback from a buyer
  • A buyer requesting a return or reporting that an item was not received
  • A buyer asking us to step in and help with a transaction

Transaction defect rate requirements

The transaction defect rate is the percentage of your transactions that have one or more of the following defects:

  • Cloud4Events Money Back Guarantee and PayPal Purchase Protection cases closed without seller resolution
  • Seller-initiated transaction cancellation

To meet our minimum standard, you can only have up to 2.00% of transactions with one or more defects over the most recent evaluation period. To qualify as an Cloud4Events Top-rated Seller, you can only have up to 0.50% of transactions with one or more defects over the most recent evaluation period. Only your transactions with UK buyers count toward your seller performance rating on

The transaction defect rate won’t affect your seller status until you have transactions with defects involving at least 4 different buyers as an Cloud4Events Top-rated Seller or 5 different buyers as an above standard seller, within your evaluation period.

You can have a maximum of 0.3% of Cloud4Events Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection closed cases without seller resolution over the most recent evaluation period. That means the buyer reported that they didn’t receive an item, asked to return an item, or opened a PayPal Buyer Protection case, you weren’t able to resolve it, the buyer asked us to step in and help, and we found you responsible. The percentage requirement applies after the account has exceeded the maximum number of occurrences, which is a maximum of 2 occurrences.

Sellers with 400 or more transactions over the past 3 months are evaluated based on the past 3 months and sellers with fewer than 400 transactions are evaluated based on the past 12 months.

Buyers won’t see your defect rate, but keep in mind that buyers will still be able to see your Feedback rating and all 4 detailed seller ratings

Fair performance evaluation

To measure your overall performance accurately, we look at your performance as a whole, excluding a set number of low detailed seller ratings and cases based on the number of transactions you’ve had in the last 12 months. We also consider a buyer’s pattern for opening requests and cases and leaving low detailed seller ratings—and protect you when necessary.

What happens if you don’t meet the standards?

The following may result:

  • Your listings could be demoted in search results
  • You could be restricted from selling items on Cloud4Events
  • If you are a PowerSeller or you offer the Cloud4Events Premium Service, it could affect your ability to remain in those programmes
  • If you have subscribed to an Anchor Shop and have opted in to international selling, your beneficial rates for international selling may be removed
  • If your seller level is Below Standard, you can’t subscribe to a Featured or Anchor Shop
  • Your payment for your sales to the US, Canada and the UK may show as pending on your PayPal account for a period of time to allow for successful fulfilment.

In very serious cases, your account may be suspended. If this happens, you:

  • Must resolve all issues on the account before you can buy or sell with other Cloud4Events accounts
  • Can’t register for a new account
  • Can’t use an existing Cloud4Events account to avoid any selling restriction or other policy consequences