Funding CTA

Cloud4events is the newly launched platform specifically for the events industry globally. In time, with your input, we will add the functionality you need to support your day to day working needs – finding opportunities, resources and event industry news.

Here is our starting point – a marketplace dedicated to your event industry needs where you can buy and sell relevant new and used equipment and products without wading through mountains of irrelevant junk to find something. We search the web for products and deals that seem competitive and bring them to Cloud4Events for you to find easily and efficiently.

The platform is created by event professionals for event professionals so please give us your support to continue building something of genuine value to you. Welcome to Cloud4Events.

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We Are a Team

The secret to our success is teamwork. Our team supports each other while striving for the same goals and providing constructive feedback every step of the way.

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We Are Here For Our Costumers

Providing our customers with the best possible experience is and will always be our top priority!

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We Are Sincere And Humble

We don't value hierarchy, titles and self-promotion. We communicate clearly and effectively. We trust and listen to each other without making assumptions

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We Embrace Constant Change And Progress

We accept change and feedback as key drivers of progress. We constantly look for new ways to perform better every day

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We Are Result Oriented And Take Ownership Of Our Business

If not now, when? If not us, who? This mindset helps us become a proactive team that learns from its mistakes and continuously works toward achieving its goals.

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We Believe In Data

Good decisions can only be achieved by leveraging accurate, objective, and up-to-date data. No matter the degree of complexity, we look for clear data to guide us in making every single decision.